1 June 2016

United Kingdom

We are very pleased to announce that Perfect4U GR is now part of Perfect4U Fashion UK family. The Perfect4U GR will remain the official distributor and wholesaler for Greece. Perfect4U Fashion UK is one of the leading suppliers and retailers for plus size lingerie and handmade products in the United Kingdom. With presence across many countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and France the company is very pleased to distribute high quality products in Greece through their official distributor.

We will continue to offer the same friendly customer service as always, and the new acquisition will allow us to offer an even larger selection of products and services, #madeperfect4u.

“We are delighted to be a part of Perfect4U Fashion UK. We are pleased to be the official distributor for Greece of a leading UK fashion brand. “ Angela Theodosiou

“We have decided to extend our business by acquiring Perfect4U GR. This new division will offer an extensive range of high quality lingerie and handmade products. We look forward to work closely with the new members of the Perfect4U family.” Perfect4U Fashion UK Director